Standing Rock

There was a lot of drama in camp between water protectors that played out over social media. Ultimately, everyone stands solidly against the pipeline. Trump has signed an executive memo saying that he gives the go ahead for not only the Dakota Access pipeline, but the Keystone XL pipeline also. Look back at the post about how these two pipelines are related.

The camp must be moved to higher ground and the land cleaned up before the snow thaws and flooding. It is being done by wonderful volunteers who are going there even in the freezing cold. The governor just announced that all law enforcement must pull back, open the barricaded bridge and stop using weapons against the water protectors. Could it be because of the presence of mainstream media and the United Nations hearings that are going on in Standing Rock? However, it has been reported by water protectors trying to clean camp that the Morton County Sheriffs are harassing drivers who are on the long road to Bismark for supplies and medicine.

Meanwhile, everyone is awake to police militarization and brutality. There are marches and actions every week against other pipelines. There have also been several pipeline leaks since December. Research: shale tar sands. It is highly corrosive to metal pipe.