The School Banner

I had messaged Ashley about locating the school banner and making sure it was safely sent to the tribe. I was worried that it would get destroyed by the Morton County officials or DAPL as the camp is cleaned up for spring. Ashley was so kind to have it retrieved for safe keeping. My students were very excited and happy to see this! I really appreciate the effort because the water protectors are extremely busy trying to clean up everything at camp before the end of the month. My prayers go out to them. #WaterisLife banner

Tar Sands: A Primer

An ecological disaster.

I had students research where we get our oil. I am so tired of the misleading news that gets repeated how Saudi Arabia is our source of oil. Please educate yourself by looking at the record. It is easy to research. I think that we are told Saudi Arabia is the largest supplier of our oil so that people will accept our meddling and wars in the middle east. Our largest suppliers have been Canada and Mexico. Hello everyone – educate yourself.


Last Child Camp

There is a constant narrative coming from North Dakota that these people who are against the pipeline are inciting riots and are trespassing on private land. The land in question is part of treaty land, territory that is in dispute. I encourage everyone to research this and spread the truth. I believe this is the exact reason WHY the pipeline was routed where it is.

Land Ownership

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard explains the land ownership issue and how her rights were violated. The Young Turks (TYT) has been a valuable news resource in reporting on Standing Rock. LaDonna Brave Bull Allard was the woman who founded the Sacred Stone Camp when she saw that construction of this oil pipeline was going to cross on sacred land.