Relighting the Fire

A recording of a live announcement from Oceti Sakowin Camp today 12/11/2016

Move to higher ground, for safety. Attack the corporation on every legal front. Get control of the narrative by having press conferences. Daily reports are essential to keep people informed, that way rumors do not spread and everyone is constantly reminded of how this issue is not over.

Primary Source Material about The IRA of 1830

A message from young warriors: We who are not leaving. 12/10/2016

Clearly, Energy Transfer Partners are still working: drone footage from 12/9/2016

When you are in camp, you can hear the construction going on. I heard it when I was there and they were told by The Army Corps of Engineers months ago to stop construction. Just scroll back to previous posts in October.

2 thoughts on “Relighting the Fire

  1. I just heard from a blogger on Facebook that the water level is being raised by the Army Corps so that the corporation cannot drill under the river. I want that explained because the drill pad is on high ground. Anyone with knowledge about this? I have seen the drone footage and heard reports from the water protectors that construction is still ongoing.


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