Stop the KXL Pipeline

Lakota Law
I was born on Cheyenne River Nation in South Dakota. Several years back, after a lifetime of activism took me far and wide, I returned. Today I make my home close to the place where I was born, and I love my homeland.

Keystone Protest, courtesy of the Associated Press
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This past month, just as our changing climate brought another violent storm to Indian Country, President Trump issued executive orders and a “Presidential Permit” meant to fast-track the Keystone XL pipeline (KXL). He wants to override lawfully required — and much needed — environmental oversight. As I recently wrote to you, KXL poses serious threats to Cheyenne River, and it’s vitally important to stop the pipeline now.

Trump’s invasion of Grandmother Earth and his “Presidential Permits” violate due process and separation of powers. The House Committee on Oversight and Reform needs to investigate and undo these unlawful actions. Watch our video and ask your congressional rep to take action now.

As my colleague Chase Iron Eyes details in our video, TransCanada does not have our free, prior, and informed consent to build this pipeline through unceded treaty lands just a few miles from Cheyenne River.

Map showing proposed KXL pipeline

Part of me can almost understand why Trump and his oil industry cronies are avoiding asking us for permission and making up new rules — because they know we would never say yes to the desecration of our sacred land and attendant dangers to our water and people. Another black snake and a Man camp just 13 miles from my home? Absolutely not.

That’s why your voice is needed more than ever. The current US House of Representatives has shown it isn’t afraid to stand up to Trump and look into his many, many shady dealings. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellows on this committee will hear you when you reach out on our behalf. Please do so today! Together, let’s stop KXL now, before more damage to my oyate — and to Unci Maka — is done.

Wopila — together, let’s encourage Congress to do the right thing!

Madonna Thunder Hawk
Cheyenne River Organizer
Lakota People’s Law Project

P.S. Trump is doing everything he can to fast-track KXL and railroad Native communities without our consent — again! Your help is required to protect Grandmother Earth and my people from his unwanted advances. Please email your representative today. It’s time for congress to uphold due process of law and stop the KXL pipeline before it spills and destroys Native lives.

Lakota People's Law Project
Lakota People’s Law Project
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The Lakota People’s Law Project is part of the Romero Institute, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) law and policy center. All donations are tax-deductible.

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