To the Real

As January 2022 comes to a close, the narrative is unraveling. We can win this war on our freedoms and our lives. #tothereal

Grid Trek Magazine

We had a profound experience with the lab created virus called Sars-Covid2 and the lung infection Covid-2019. It was mind altering, it was thought provoking, and it was eye-opening.

We are under a full worldwide assault called fear. We are at war.

The result is that everyone is afraid. In being afraid one becomes insecure and looks to an authority to take control and alleviate the fear. People stop being rational, stop thinking for themselves, they feel paralyzed.

People are stressed out, worried about their lack of money, insecure housing, inflation, and the plandemic. They turn on the TV and soak up the latest lies.

Grid Trek Magazine issued its last issue June 2021. We are no more.

We are fighting the battle against fear by turning to the real.

That means we are disengaging from all electronic, Wi-fi, network power waves. We are pulling ourselves…

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