The Noise of the Election…

…was drowning out something happening, something important. I have been very aware of the corporate owned media giving sound bites about news events in between the commercials for toothpaste and I was curious about what we were not being told. And then I saw on Facebook a post about a pipeline being built on indigenous land. It was not mentioned at all on mainstream media. Then, there were pictures and video of what looked like a swat team that was in full riot gear facing off across unarmed men, women, and children.

I began to keep track of the posts from Standing Rock, North Dakota and did some research about this pipeline. Then, I found out about the other pipelines! As the weeks went on, I decided I had to go witness this myself. I had to go and support the Lakota and all the people downstream from this monstrosity. So, on this day I am beginning the story of my trip that I will share with all of my students.

Please support my efforts to support and bring supplies to Sacred Stone Camp: