The Noise of the Election…

…was drowning out something happening, something important. I have been very aware of the corporate owned media giving sound bites about news events in between the commercials for toothpaste and I was curious about what we were not being told. And then I saw on Facebook a post about a pipeline being built on indigenous land. It was not mentioned at all on mainstream media. Then, there were pictures and video of what looked like a swat team that was in full riot gear facing off across unarmed men, women, and children.

I began to keep track of the posts from Standing Rock, North Dakota and did some research about this pipeline. Then, I found out about the other pipelines! As the weeks went on, I decided I had to go witness this myself. I had to go and support the Lakota and all the people downstream from this monstrosity. So, on this day I am beginning the story of my trip that I will share with all of my students.

Please support my efforts to support and bring supplies to Sacred Stone Camp:

2 thoughts on “The Noise of the Election…

  1. Hello, I came upon your blog by way of a Standing Rock post. I too am from Sacramento. And I too have been following Standing Rock and all that has gone in. And continues to go on. Not being a student of yours, I hope you dont mind my checking in on your blog from time to time. I myself cannot make it to ND. I pray your journey is safe one. And please don’t go alone. I have seen several posts about traveling in atleast pairs. Again , safe journey! Water Is Life!

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    • Thank you – yes please do follow. Right now I am trying to get funds through I have just purchased the airfare – all the cheaper seats were going fast! The cheaper hotel rooms were gone! Please do help me by donating if you can! I am going to purchase supplies for the camp when I get there. If you are here in Sacramento – be sure to go to the Greepeace planned action at the Army Corp of Engineers office on J Street – Tuesday, 12:00 – I was just going to post about it here. There are actions in all major cities and for the first time, people have told me that they have seen a little news on mainstream media this week. Thank you! Lets stop this pipeline!


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