ETSI: Energy Transportation Systems, Inc. and Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.

Executives of the railroads, which until then shipped out all Powder River Basin coal, were not enthusiastic. ETSI was a joint venture of Bechtel, Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb, Kansas-Nebraska Natural Gas Co., United Energy Resources and Atlantic Richfield.[1] Frank Odasz, who was ETSI’s chief representative and lobbyist in the Rocky Mountain region for the project, explained Burlington Northern Railroad was initially a minor investor. “I think they did it just to spy on us,” he said.[2]


Look familiar????

A copy of law documents from litigation between ETSI and Union Pacific Railroad.

This is a link to the environmental impact study by ETSI in 1981. The coal slurry pipeline project.


What happened to ETSI?

Find out here:  They just transport water!     

Energy Transfer Partners, L.P wants to take up what ETSI left behind; the fight to run pipelines through land that does not belong to them.

Click to access DAPL_States_Counties.pdf

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