Re: The stealing of land…

 From Facebook:


It’s nice that Patagonia is trying to hit this issue, but the Indigenous communities affected by this move most MUST be heard. Not one tribal government who has significant stakes in this have been talked to or included in this effort. 5 tribal governments have had their tribal sovereignty cast aside making this the second major move Trump has made against Indigenous people in this move that is less unprecedented and more falling in line with the American tradition of disregarding this land’s first people. The space proposed for industrialization is filled with over 100,000 sacred sites, ceremonial grounds, and burials of old ones. This is Indian Land. This is the land our Creator has covenanted to us. We are the stewards of this land, and we will fight to protect it always. (design concept by Alexis Munoa Dyer and Katie Wilderness Brown! THANK YOU!) #savebearsland grab.jpgears #protectthesacred

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