January News

Law is on the side of Indigenous group in pipeline dispute, say legal experts

“VANCOUVER—Permissions for a pipeline in Northern B.C. and subsequent police action constitute bald violations of both the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and domestic court precedent, according to lawyers and Indigenous nation members.”

More than 100 First Nations could purchase the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline

The fossil fuel industry is a dying industry. Our planet has suffered enormous damage from this industry. I find it ironic that the powerful elites will toss this over to the indigenous people to own. Fossil fuel jobs?? That potential profit hanging over your head? Do you really want that? Better to take the lead on alternative sustainable energy markets! Look forward, not behind. Question why the elites would let you purchase such a thing.


How we can combat climate change?

“Last year’s report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change sounded the alarm: The world has until 2030 to implement “rapid and far-reaching” changes to our energy, infrastructure and industrial systems to avoid 2 degrees Celsius of warming, which could be catastrophic. But the scale of the challenge can appear so overwhelming that it’s hard to know where to start. The Post asked activists, politicians and researchers for climate policy ideas that offer hope. Radical change from one state, or even the whole United States, won’t address climate change on its own, but taking these actions could help start the planet down a path toward a better future.”


Moving Forward – Halfway to Hell: Joshua Frank on The Big Heat

A podcast with the author on his new book The Big Heat.


Violence Against Women: A Pandemic No Longer Hidden

“Worldwide, the most common kind of gender violence is domestic violence, which occurs in the home or within the family. It affects women regardless of age, education or socioeconomic status. Although generally women are the victims, men are also abused by their wives or partners. Violence also occurs among same-sex partners.”


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