Weekday Newscast

Indian Country Today started a weekday newscast to help inform tribal nations about the pandemic and to see how the novel coronavirus is impacting Native people.
We will also cover other stories that arise during this crisis.
Today’s guest is Dean Seneca, chief executive officer of Seneca Scientific Solutions Plus. Seneca has had on-the-ground experience working on infectious disease and pandemics. In 2014 he went to the West Africa country of Sierra Leone and helped lead the fight against the Ebola pandemic. He has an undergraduate degree in planning and design and two masters, one in public health and another in urban and regional planning. He is also veteran, serving in the U.S. Army Reserves as a major for 14 years. He is a citizen of the Seneca Nation.
Country Today.

Find our tracker, COVID-19 coverage, opinion pieces, list of events cancelled or postponed and more at the Indian Country Today’s COVID-19 Syllabus.

Daily COVID-19 coverage
In addition for daily updated coverage on the coronavirus and its affects on Indian Country make sure to access our Indian Country Today Covid-19 Syllabus.
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